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Aberdeen, SD Urgent Care Facility Aberdeen Urgent Care Facility

     Whether it's a sports-related emergency, on-the-job accident, or a mishap around the home, prompt evaluation and treatment of orthopedic injuries can make a significant difference in your outcome and recovery.  Our Urgent Care facility is designed to offer prompt, cost-effective care for problems ranging from laceration or minor ankle sprain to a major bone fracture.
     Delayed treatment for orthopedic injuries can result in chronic pain, limited mobility, or other serious effects.  Our urgent care staff can tend to your immediate medical need - whether it's a broken bone, dislocation, laceration, fall, sports or work injury - by administering the latest treatment techniques.
     No appointment is necessary for treatment at our emergency facility.  Quick, easy, access is available through our Northeast (back) entrance.  A physician is readily available to respond to your most critical bone, muscle or joint repair needs.
     Monday - Friday                                  Saturday
           9 am - 5 pm                                   10 am - 12 pm
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